Strolling magic

The perfect ice-breaker while guests mingle!

Strolling magic gets your VIP guests talking at events where they’ll be mingling, such as Cocktail Parties, Wedding Receptions & Mitzvahs. Simon will amaze and delight your entire crowd, a few people at a time with magic that is visually stunning and highly interactive. Strolling magic is the most powerful form of magic; it happens in their minds, and in their hands!

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Comedy magic show

A hilarious sit-down show for your whole group!

STAGE MAGIC unites your entire crowd in laughter and amazement. The show combines mind-reading, mentalism, and sleight-of-hand magic to create a joyous, fun & mysterious atmosphere. Imagine the looks on your guests’ faces as objects vanish, watches stop, watermelons appear from thin air, and minds are read. 100 % clean entertainment for adults or the whole family.

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Cocktail Parties

Turn an ordinary cocktail party into an unforgettable one!

STROLLING MAGIC with a COMEDY MAGIC SHOW finale is always a smash at cocktail parties. Strolling magic creates an electrifying atmosphere of fun and possibility. The Comedy Magic Show Finale leaves everyone in hysterics!

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Bar/Bat mitzvahs

Make your child's Mitzvah a blast for all ages!

STROLLING MAGIC is an ideal fit for large Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Strolling magic entertains both adults and Mizvah age kids – kids this age like the same kind of magic that adults do.

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Wedding Receptions

Have a smooth, hilarious, and exciting reception!
STROLLING MAGIC is a HUGE hit at wedding receptions. This style of magic is a great ice breaker – it gives family members who may not have met something incredible to talk about. It keeps the fun and energy of the party moving, while everyone waits for the real star of the day. You! Click for Availability!

Consulting & Lessons

Amaze your colleagues, friends, and family!

Whether you are an executive looking to learn a few tricks for a presentation, an artistic director looking to incorporate magic into a production, or a professional magician looking to step up your game, Simon can take your natural strengths and channel them into a mind-blowing magic presentation. Simon makes learning stress-free and fun.

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  • Wayne Lifestyle (cover story)

    A comedic / magical genius... concierge magic.

  • Princeton University

    Simon’s magic was astounding, astonishing, mind-boggling, incredible… legendary! We’ve had Simon perform at several of our events, and he never fails to leave everyone with their jaws on the floor. He knew how to shock us all… I’m gasping for air!

  • Wedding Reception, Mathia Family

    Simon was a HUGE HIT with all of my guests. He was very easy to work with, very responsive and will go the extra mile to make your event memorable. I would definitely recommend him for your next event.

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