Travelling health tips from a globe trotting magician

Posted On June 23, 2016

When I first became a full time magician, the travelling part took a toll on my fitness and health. After tweaking my travelling routine, I’m the healthiest and most energetic I’ve been in my adult life! Here are 5 tips that can help you stay healthy when driving & flying!

1) When Flying: Get some exercise at the airport before boarding.
I used to sit at the airport and read before every flight, and I’d feel sluggish and lethargic at the end of the day – a few years ago I switched to walking around the airport before boarding, and it’s made a huge difference! Now I walk around the airport and listen to audio books or podcasts before boarding. Getting 30-90 minutes of light walking in before boarding will make you feel a lot better for the whole day, and be less worn out when you land! This is a lot easier if all your carry on is on wheels.

2) When Driving: Pack healthy food and lots of water
Driving for a long time isn’t great for your health and energy, but eating healthy on the road can make you feel a lot better! Most experts agree that nutrition is about FOUR times as important for health and fitness as exercise is.
Packing healthy food ahead of time has a number of benefits: You know you are going to have food you like. You don’t have to stress about finding somewhere you like. You will be less tempted to eat worse than you do in your day to day life. Eating healthy  by picking up food while on the road CAN be done, but it’s takes a lot more time discipline and time.

3) Lower your stress level
Travelling can be a lot less stressful
The day before:
* Have a checklist you can reuse for things you have to bring. I use the same checklist for every flight, every car ride, and every show. It completely takes out the guess work, makes things less stressful, and allows you to be more consistent without any extra work
The day of:
* Breath. Take deep breaths during long drives
* Listen to things that make you laugh or think. Keep your brain engaged.
* Bring noise blocking ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones on the plane.
* Allow extra time to get where you are going.

4) Get enough sleep
Travel days can end up being a lot longer than you anticipate, so get enough sleep the night before!

5) I was bluffing about there being a 5th tip!

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