Our New Comedy / Magic / Joke app, “Rigged Trivia” is out.

Posted On November 5, 2014

Description From APP Store

RIGGED TRIVIA LOOKS like an ordinary trivia quiz, but the game is RIGGED! Each question contains a SECRET, SIMPLE CODE that tells you the right answer!

Impress your family! Astound your friends! You’ll “know” the right answer to every question- in ANY SUBJECT- in ANY CATEGORY! History. Sports. Literature. Even Advanced Physics!

We call it: a Party Game For People Who Hate To Lose.

It’s simple. Download the app for FREE and you’ll be shown the SECRET TRICK. Then go to the SETTINGS PAGE and “DISGUISE THE APP”. That’s right, there’s an actual button called “Disguise The App”- how awesome is that?!

The app will transform, like magic, into an innocent-looking trivia quiz called IVY LEAGUE TRIVIA. It will even appear as “Ivy League Trivia” on your menu screen.

Perfect for parties, bars, long car rides, any social situation. Challenge your friends to a trivia contest. Invite them to choose the category and the level. You’ll look like a friggin’ Jedi Master! They’ll NEVER SUSPECT the game is rigged!

Even better: teach your children the trick, and watch them “show off” for relatives!

Rigged Trivia was developed by Andy Breckman, an award-winning comedy writer, and his friend, magician Simon Mandal.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us spread the word! Follow us on Twitter. Even better, tape the game in action, and upload it to our Facebook page.

Hey genius– if you want to continue your “winning streak”, check out RIGGED WORD SCRAMBLE. It’s another Party Game For People Who Hate To Lose!

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