Why Are School Books Magically Appearing Throughout New Jersey?

Posted On May 27, 2013

Bernardsville, NJ May 27, 2014 NJ Students have something “magical” to celebrate this coming fall. Famed magician Simon Mandal, of Bernardsville, NJ is bringing funds (and magic) to NJ schools. Simon will float kids in the air, turn olives into watermelons, read minds, and donate 1/2 of ticket sales to NJ schools. This is the tour’s third year.

Simon performs his magic at corporate events for Google, Mercedes & Macy’s, and at hundreds of private parties yearly. It is his work with charities, children’s hospitals, and schools that drives him.

“I think it’s so important for each of us to give back. We all have something special to give. It’s a joy to make people laugh and experience wonder for a living. Giving back to schools is an honor,” commented Mandal.

There is no cost for a school to be involved, and each school keeps 50% of ticket sales for an evening of magic. Want to add your school to the tour? Visit www.TheSimonShow.com or call 732-492-6071.

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